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Mayan Soap

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Soap Texture

This rich purple cosmetic Mayan Soap is great for artisans specializing in organic soap projects. There is great demand for organic and natural skin products —especially on platforms like Etsy and eBay, as well as local fairs and farmer's markets. 

Our Mayan Soap contains roughly 16% tannin content and possesses a vibrant purple color. And its uses are not limited to organic soap-making—other natural uses include but are not limited to: skin exfoliation & rejuvenation and lotion & leather staining products.


Ingredients Required for Mayan Soap

  • Mayan Soap powder - 56g
  • Lye or Caustic soda- 180g
  • Titanium dioxide powder - 11g
  • Yogurt powder - 28g
  • Aloe vera liquid - 437g
  • Sodium Lactate - 34g
  • Vitamin E - 17g
  • Calendula powder - 14g
  • Steric Acid - 51g
  • Castor oil - 65g
  • Coconut oil - 350g
  • Emu oil - 90g
  • Fragance oil- 65g
  • Olive oil - 510g
  • Optiphen- 43g
  • Palm oil - 128g
  • Sweet Almond oil - 128g



Mayan Soap Making Process

We recommend using glasses, gloves, and breathing masks for the soap making process, just to be safe.

  • It is important to measure out and prepare all ingredients in advance. You won’t have time to measure the ingredients during the soap making process. Prepare all ingredients except for the caustic soda.
  • Place the liquid aloe solution in a bowl. Measure the caustic soda and then carefully mix it into the aloe. Don’t do this the other way around because mixing the liquid into the powder will cause an adverse reaction. The mixture will heat up and react, which will start the Mayan Soap making process.
  • Wait until the temperature of the mixture drops down to 38°C - 43°C before adding sodium lactate to the mixture. Carefully stir the mix until everything is properly incorporated.
  • While this is happening, mix coconut oil and palm oil in a separate container and heat it gently. Stir until both oils have melted and incorporated fully.
  • Add yogurt powder and the soft oils to the oil mixture carefully and stir until everything is incorporated. Make sure there are no lumps and the blend is smooth. Set this mixture aside to cool down to -43°.
  • Mix the Mayan Soap powder and calendula powder carefully while adding titanium dioxide to the mix. Titanium dioxide will lighten the color of the resultant soap and make it more appealing.
  • After all the mixtures are cooled until they’re roughly of equal temperatures, add the first caustic soda and aloe mix to the mix of oils while stirring. Make sure all ingredients are incorporated.
  • When the soap begins to emulsify or trace, add the other ingredients in quickly. Once all ingredients are mixed, pour the solution into soap molds.
  • Insulate the soap molds with tea towels and set it aside to harden for at least 2 days. It is a good idea to cure the soap for at least a month before using it for the best results.

This recipe can be modified according to your liking so you can add some essential oils if desired. In order to make phenomenal soap with just the right texture and therapeutic benefits, make sure to use FHC's Mayan Soap!


Buyer agrees to ornamental and craft use only. The information provided on this listing is for educational purposes only. Not sold for human consumption. 

These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; therefore, we cannot claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Mayan Soap
Mayan Soap
Mayan Soap

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excellent quality, best prices, top notch fast shipping. will DEF do business with them in the future! 👍👍

tanner g.

I love the quality of the blue lotus flowers. Helps me study and I can add them to other herbal blends!

Emily, San Diego, CA

first time seeking and trying blue lotus. Very fast shipping came a day earlier than first stated. I'll be checking out other stuff from this store!


great dye. will purchase again!


Always the fastest shipping you can ask for. Best quality soap around!

Jess, New York