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Mexican Dream Herb | Calea zacatechichi | Organic Dried Leaf

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Mexican Dream Herb | Calea zacatechichi | Organic Dried Leaf

For those looking to unlock the deeper realms of their consciousness and nurture their dream world, this herb is your key. Cultivated, harvested, and shade-dried at our organic co-op partner in the heart of Mexico, our PREMIUM and PURE Calea zacatechichi promises an authentic journey through dreamscapes passed down through generations.

So, what exactly is the Mexican Dream Herb used for?

Dream Intensification: The most renowned use of the Mexican Dream Herb is to promote vivid and lucid dreaming. Many users report intensified dream experiences and recall.

Meditative States: Consuming the herb can lead to a meditative state, helping in relaxation and deeper spiritual insights.

Relaxation and Calmness: The herb has been traditionally used for its calming properties. It helps reduce stress, induces a sense of tranquility, and prepares the mind for restful sleep.

Traditional Ceremonial Use: In native Mexican culture, it has been used ceremonially to connect with ancestors and spirits through dreams.

How do I use the Mexican Dream Herb?

Tea: Add several grams of the dried herb directly to 6-8oz hot water and steep for 10-15 minutes. Sift. Add honey or agave to help mask the bitter flavor.

Smoke: While not as common as the tea preparation, some users choose to smoke the herb. It is often mixed with other herbs to enhance its effects.

Is Mexican Dream Herb really psychoactive?

Yes, Calea zacatechichi is considered mildly psychoactive. While it doesn't produce hallucinations or intense altered states of consciousness, it significantly impacts the dream state, making dreams more vivid and sometimes more lucid.


Does this product contain additives? No! Organic Mexican Dream Herb (Calea zacatechichi) is the ONLY ingredient in our product. None of our products contain any additives of any sort.

Will this show up on a drug test? No! Mexican Dream Herb is an organic herb that isn't tested for.

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Mexican Dream Herb | Calea zacatechichi | Organic Dried Leaf
Mexican Dream Herb | Calea zacatechichi | Organic Dried Leaf

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