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Sinicuichi | Sun Opener | Heimia salicifolia | Organic Dried Leaf

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Sinicuichi | Sun Opener | Heimia salicifolia | Organic Dried Leaf

For those seeking to tap into ancient memories and resonate with the earth's vibrations, this herb holds the secret. Cultivated, harvested, and shade-dried at our organic co-op partner in the heart of Mexico, our premium Heimia salicifolia offers a connection to the sun and the earth like no other.

So, what exactly is Sinicuichi used for?

Memory Enhancement: Sinicuichi is renowned for invoking ancient memories, some even claim memories of ancestral or past life events.

Euphoric Sensations: Consumption can lead to feelings of euphoria and an intensified connection with one’s surroundings.

Auditory Enhancements: Many users report a heightened sense of hearing, with sounds appearing clearer and more distinct.

Traditional Ceremonial Use: Native cultures revered Sinicuichi for its spiritual properties and used it in various ceremonies to connect with nature and ancestors.

How do I use Sinicuichi?

Tea: Steep a teaspoon of the dried herb in 6-8oz hot water for 10-15 minutes. For those who find the taste strong, add honey or agave.

Smoke: Some users prefer smoking Sinicuichi, either on its own or blended with other herbs, to achieve its auditory and euphoric effects.

Tinctures: Some herbalists prepare Sinicuichi tinctures to be taken in small doses.

Is Sinicuichi really psychoactive?

Yes, Heimia salicifolia is considered mildly psychoactive. Its effects are more sensory-based, especially auditory, rather than intensely mind-altering.


Does this product contain additives? Absolutely not! Organic Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia) is the sole ingredient in our product. We always ensure no additives.

Will this show up on a drug test? No! Sinicuichi is an organic herb and is not commonly tested for in drug screens.

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ABOUT FAYETTEVILLE HERB CO A passionate team of three, we're dedicated to delivering top-tier herbs promptly. Our blends, crafted meticulously by our expert plant-biologist and herbalist founder, promise 100% organic, pesticide-free, additive-free, and sustainably sourced goodness.

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Please remember, herbal medicine is not one-herb-fits-all, as each herb may affect everyone differently. It’s important to educate yourself thoroughly about any herbs and their potential contraindications before adding them to your herbal regimen. The information provided on this listing is for educational purposes only. We ask that you please consult your physician about any medical concern you may have. These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; therefore, we cannot claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Sinicuichi | Sun Opener | Heimia salicifolia | Organic Dried Leaf
Sinicuichi | Sun Opener | Heimia salicifolia | Organic Dried Leaf

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excellent quality, best prices, top notch fast shipping. will DEF do business with them in the future! 👍👍

tanner g.

I love the quality of the blue lotus flowers. Helps me study and I can add them to other herbal blends!

Emily, San Diego, CA

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